Point of Use Water Coolers


Bellaqua customers can save as much as 70% versus bottled water delivery costs. With Bellaqua, you’ll pay just pennies per day for an unlimited supply of fresh, clean water. That’s because Bellaqua’s water filtration systems purify your tap water on-site – It’s like having a miniature bottling plant for your office!  You’ll pay one low monthly water service fee for your bottleless water cooler, and eliminate expensive and wasteful bottled water delivery. You receive all the benefits of going bottle free and you are helping the environment at the same time by eliminating bottle delivery, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. Cooler purchase also available.

Sparkling Water Systems

Counter-Top and Under the Counter

With our fashionably designed sparkling water systems you have the convenience of a continuous, large quantity of cold, still and sparkling water at your finger-tips without harming the environment. And as if this was not enough!  We now represent an impeccably designed sparkling water system that is 100% made in Italy and 100% stylishly Italian. This is not just a fashionable slogan, it is a firm fact.

Bottle Fillers and Fountains

Bellaqua is an authorized full service and sales representative for Elkay and Halsey Taylors’ new line of enhanced bottle filling stations.

Green Ticker™

Each bottle filler has a visual filter monitor status which displays how many bottles were filled at that filler.Thereby showing the positive environmental impact of each filler.

Energy Savings

Bottle fillers can be scheduled to turn off the refrigeration during times of non-use to save on energy costs while continuing to dispense ambient water.

Automatic Filter Status Reset

With the enhanced bottle fillers when you change the filter, the filter monitor is reset automatically.

Under Counter Filtration and Chilling

Bellaqua also offers under the counter “space saving” chiller systems which can have any under counter filtration system added with its own designer faucet. Filtration systems range from low maintenance granular carbon to carbon block to Everpure and Reverse Osmosis.


K-Cup® Coffee is available for delivery!
What is a KEURIG? What is a K-CUP?

Bellaqua carries a wide variety of K-CupTM coffees for home and office delivery. Our K-Cups are sold in 24 count boxes that are priced competitively to the big box stores.

Our best-sellers include: Green Mountain’s Dark Magic, Breakfast Blend, and Donut Shop brews.

Keurig® and K-Cup® are registered trademarks of Green Mountain, Inc.

Single Serve Pod Coffee

Our pod coffee is locally roasted by Eldorado Coffee in Queens, New York. Try our many varieties of coffee in our single-serve pods. Each pod contains ground coffee with its own filter that supplies one cup. There is no waste as the coffee is brewed one cup at a time. Note: A pod brewing machine is required to utilize the coffee pods.

Regular Grind Coffee

Our coffee is freshly roasted by Eldorado Coffee. We offer a wide array of coffees from all over the world. Eldorado attains Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from sources around the globe and roast them right in Queens, New York.  Whether you want your coffee ground or whole bean, we can supply coffee to meet your needs. Eldorado’s professional roasters master roasting procedures and recipes to ensure consistency.