At Bellaqua, we have provided our customers a better way to reduce their carbon footprint for over 30 years. Our .5, 1, 2, 3 and 5 Gallon returnable bottles are sanitized and reused up to 50 times in their lives. When its time to retire them, all bottles are sent to a recycling center. Recycled bottles are ground up into a resin that is molded into new items like car parts, toys, appliances and more. We at Bellaqua ensure that our unusable bottles are retired responsibly. We even provide old bottles to our customers to collect their spare change.

Additional Steps We’re Taking Towards A Cleaner Tomorrow

We offer bottle-less water coolers thereby eliminating the need for bottle delivery. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint of companies and consumers while additionally saving companies hundreds $$$.

We provide our residential and commercial customer the option of under the counter filtration which also eliminates the need for bottles and delivery.

We use a computerized GPS tracking device in our service vehicle to better route our vehicles and minimize our fuel consumption.

We email invoices to customers to reduce paper and postage cost and this eliminate the need for a mailed invoice.

At Bellaqua, we’re doing our part to help you do your part.