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Bellaqua offers many great products and services for your home. From our spring, purified and alkaline bottled water products to a full line of Keurig K-CupTM coffee, under sink and whole house filtration options, you’re sure to find a solution that fits the needs in your home.  All with the service you can trust.

FREE Home Water Test Available


Purified Water, Spring Water and Alkaline Water

Bellaqua offers home delivery of our Reverse Osmosis Purified Water, Spring Water and Alkaline Water. We pride ourselves on delivering on time and with no delivery charges. Pricing varies based on location and type of water.  Please call for pricing.

Ask for a FREE sample.


Ceramic-Porcelain Designer Crocks, Dispensers and Pumps

Bellaqua stocks a wide variety of designer crocks to match any home decor. Crocks dispense water at room temperature for fast convenient access to pure water. We stock a variety of counter and floor stands to fit your needs. Bellaqua also has hand pumps and counter-top bottle cradles available as inexpensive dispensing alternatives.

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Water Cooler Rental, Purchase, Service and Authorized Repair

Bellaqua offers a variety of floor-standing and counter-top dispensers available for bottled water and Point-of-Use applications. Our Point-of-Use units are bottleless, filtered coolers that feed off of your water line. Bellaqua prides itself on supplying the highest quality products specifically for the needs of the Home and Office Delivery as well as Point-of-Use applications. Bellaqua provides its customers with all of their water dispenser needs. Bellaqua is also authorized to repair any of the products we sell. We stock most of the parts needed for on the spot repairs.

Water Cooler Rental Pricing


  • Hot and Cold monthly:
    Starting at $12.00 per month plus tax

  • Room and Cold monthly:
    Starting at $10.00 per month plus tax


(FILTERED, BOTTLELESS) Monthly Water Cooler Service Plans :

  • Point of Use Cooler Programs:
    Start at $45.00 per month (all-inclusive)

  • Please call for pricing, more information.

Under Counter Filtration Reverse Osmosis

Bellaqua’s quick change Reverse Osmosis System produces up to 75 gallons per day of high-quality pure water that exceeds the quality of most bottled waters.  Highly recommended for PFAS/PFOS reduction.


Quick Change cartridges are the fastest changeable cartridges on the market

  • 1⁄4-turn Pivot filter makes for ease of accessibility and filter change, reduces the amount of tube connections for greater reliability and less potential leaks

  • Proprietary cartridges connect and disconnect from the unit by a simple 1⁄4 turn

  • Space saving design installs under sink or in limited space

  • Multiple finish faucets available in several designs.

Universal Under Counter Systems

Under counter filtration systems are available as single space-saving housing and can have as many as 3 housings. Cartridges can be integrated from 1 micron pre-filter for sediment, up to .5 micron that can capture cysts (cryptosporidium, Giardia) reduce PFAS/PFOS, harmful chemicals and lead. A separate faucet is installed in the counter. They are available in many styles, finishes and designs.

Click to view faucet information.

Carbon Block Micron size    .5M     (PB1).    6M (+5)     2M (VOC)     5M (CTO)

Alkaline Filtration

Bellaqua offers systems to increase the PH in your drinking water at home. Systems are available as complete systems, drop-in cartridges or inline cartridges to add to existing reverse osmosis systems.

Whole House Carbon Filtration and Softening


Bellaqua’s whole house filters for chlorine taste, odor, and sediment removal are designed for residential and light commercial applications up to 14 gallons per minute. Bellaqua’s activated carbon filters are highly popular because they correct a wide range of water quality issues by removing chlorine, taste, odors, organic chemicals, and sediment.

Activated carbon has been used in the treatment of drinking water for over 2000 years. It was found that charred wood products aided in improving the quality of drinking water. We use mostly Clack Series Control Valves, one of the longest running valve series on the market today and a reliable brand in the water treatment industry. We use a metered initiated regeneration so that your system regenerates only when necessary thereby conserving water.


(Ion Exchange) without carbon pre-filtration

Our residential water softeners feature economical, top quality components are fully assembled, are ready for installation and have capacities up to 60,000 grains. Our ion exchange media is a high-capacity polystyrene resin that combines high operating capacity with excellent chemical and physical stability for a long dependable life.  We use mostly Clack Series Control Valves, one of the longest running valve series on the market today and a reliable brand in the water treatment industry. We use a metered initiated regeneration so that your system regenerates only when necessary with an accurately measured amount of sodium to conserve water and salt. Our systems also utilize the Vortech technology which provides for a better backwash while also conserving water and salt.



Conventional water softeners are generally considered the most effective and practical way to reduce water hardness and prevent scale formation in pipes and plumbing fixtures.  Water softeners, however, require salt to regenerate, and they require a drain as they must be back-washed periodically to rinse and refresh the ion exchange resin. Brine water discharge and the need to conserve water have challenged this conventional technology, and new methods to provide scale-free water are being considered. With salt free water conditioning systems, there’s no salt, no backwash, no scale, no chlorine and no electricity!



(Ion Exchange) with Carbon Pre-Filtration

When installing a water softener on city water that is treated with chlorine it is recommended to pretreat the water with carbon. This will remove or reduce up to 98% of the chlorine. Chlorine is harmful to the softening resin media thereby reducing its life expectancy. Chlorine causes bad tastes, odors and many other issues in your tap water. Our softening systems utilize the Vortech process. Vortech is a high efficient backwash technology the minimizes water usage and provides the best back wash in the industry.


Shower Filtration

Documented scientific studies conclude that taking long hot showers is a health risk. In the enclosed shower stall, chlorine vaporizes where it is inhaled. Medical studies suggest a link between absorption and inhalation of chlorine in the shower environment, with elevated risks for diseases and serious illnesses. Showering in chlorinated water may also cause pre-existing conditions, such as asthma and eczema, to become exacerbated.

One half of our daily chlorine exposure is from showering. Chlorine is not only absorbed through the skin, but also vaporizes above room temperature, where it can be inhaled into the lungs, and transferred directly into the blood system. In fact, the chlorine exposure from one shower is equal to an entire day's amount of drinking the same water. Drinking filtered or bottled water only does half the job.

In addition to health benefits of filtering shower water, there are cosmetic benefits. Symptoms of chlorine exposure are dry and/or flaking skin, dry brittle hair and red irritated eyes. Filtering the shower water reduces these symptoms. Skin and hair feel softer and eyes become less red and irritated.

Bellaqua stocks several brands of shower filters and filtered shower heads including hand held shower devices. They are available in several finishes to fit the style of your home. Due to the wide variety of styles and finishes, some shower filters are special order.

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Lead Free Designer Faucets

Bellaqua offers a complete line of designer faucets available for single and dual temp applications. We are confident we can match your style or finish. Due to the wide variety of styles and finishes, some faucets are special order.

Lead Free Designer Faucets
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